Platform Workspace

The platform workspace provides fast access to VBB activities


The platform workspace environment features:

  1. Options Menu AppBar Button : Access options and return to Launchpad
  2. New Project AppBar Button : Opens folder picker to select a new project folder location
  3. Open Project AppBar Button : Opens folder picket to select an existing folder location to open
  4. Local Projects Tile : Click to manage projects saved to the local App sandbox
  5. Tutorials Tile : Click to browse tutorials on specific topics
  6. Training Tile : Click to browse available interactive training lesssons
  7. Examples Tile : Click to browse avaiable reference examples
  8. Recent Project List : Visual listing of recently used projects for fast access

Options Menu

The Options Menu accesses options available to the Platform workspace.

  1. Return to Launcher : Tap to return to the LaunchPad
  2. Global option settings : Tap to open the global settings options dialog

New Project

VBB Projects are organised in Folders. Because of the Windows Store App security working with folders is sometimes not as fluid as you might be used to with Windows Desktop applications.

Creating a new project is actually as simple as selecting an existing empty folder using a folder picker.

  1. Tap the New Project AppBar Button to show the Folder Picker
  2. Click the New Folder to create a new Empty Folder
  3. Rename the New Folder to be your project name
  4. Click Select Folder button to select the folder as the project folder

Open Project

An existing project is opened by selecting an existing VBB project folder using the folder picker.

  1. Tap the Open Project AppBar Button to show the Folder Picker.
  2. Browse to and select the folder containing an existing VBB Project.
  3. Click Select Folder to open the project.