Project Toolbar

The project toolbar access project wide functions
Button Function ShortCut Key Description
../../_images/project_OptionsButton.png Options   Access the options sub menu
../../_images/project_PowerOn.png Power On   Power On the circuit virtualization
../../_images/project_verify.png Verify   First pass Compiles source code to verify syntax
../../_images/project_Save.png Save Ctrl+S Saves the project in the current project folder
../../_images/project_pcb.png PCB   Auto generates a PCB from VZ templates
../../_images/project_command.png Command   Short cut command generator



The Options sub-menu access additional less often used functions preventing accidental execution that can occur if they are at the top level.

Button Description
../../_images/project_OptionsButton.png Close Project without Saving
../../_images/project_saveclose.png Save Project and Close
../../_images/project_saveas.png Save as Local Project
../../_images/project_export.png Export Project to Desktop Folder
../../_images/project_globals.png Global option settings

Close Project without Saving

Closes the project and returns to the Platform workspace without saving.

Save Project and Close

Saves the project and returns to the Platform workspace.

Save as Local Project

Pops up a Project Name dialog to enter a new name for the current project to be saved to the Local Project space.

Show Me: How to Save a Project as a Local Project

Save as Local Project is used to save modifications to embedded projects such as tutorials, examples and new project templates to the safe user folder space for access from the Local Projects workspace section.

../../_images/project_LocalProjects.png ../../_images/project_LocalProjectsList.png

Projects saved to local appear with the Home icon in the recently used list


Export Project to Desktop Folder

Export moves the contents of the current project folder to the Desktop. This is used to move project folders from the protected embedded, local and cloud regions to the unprotected desktop space. Because Desktop is a unprotected space this requires permission in the form of using the Folder Picker to select an existing empty folder. This is because Windows Store Apps’ don’t have the permission to create folders directly.

Training: How to Export Project to Desktop Folder

>RoadMap : Update training to use Export not Fork

Global option settings

Opens the Global option settings dialog .

Power On

Builds the project and launches a virtualization and enters runtime mode.

The main project is the Breadboard currently selected as the Launch Breadboard or if not explicity selected the first Breadboard in the design sheet list becomes the default Launch Breadboard.

Launch Breadboard

The Launch Breadboard can be selected by tapping it’s tile in the Design Sheets list. This is useful to select a specific Breadboard to launch if there is more than one Breadboard in the Design Sheets list.



First pass compiles any source code Design Sheets that are linked to a VBBMicro.

The target information is extracted from the VBBMicro device.

Any syntax errors are shown in the Breadboard console and highlighted in the source code.



Saves the project in the current folder


> RoadMap : Add creation of PCB’s


The command bar shows a drop down list of commands and their shortcuts for performing common tasks.

Command ShotCut Key Description
Copy Ctrl+C Copies currently selected components to clipboard.
Cut Ctrl+X Copies currently selected components to clipboard then deletes selection
Delete Del Deletes the currently selected components
Mode Select C Sets the UI State to Select Mode
Mode Move V Sets the UI State to Move Mode
Mode Zoom Z Sets the UI State to Zoom Mode
Mode Pan X Sets the UI State to Pan Mode
Mode Junction J Sets the UI State to Junction Mode
Mode Link L Sets the UI State to Link Mode
Paste Ctrl+V Pastes components previously copied to the clipboard to the Breadboard
Properties Show P Shows the properties flyout for the currently selected components
Redo Ctrl+Y Undo the previous Undo
Rotate SPACE Left Rotate the currently selected components
Save Ctrl+S Saves the project yo the current projecy folder
Switch Layout S Toggles the component layout between Schematic and Breadboard
Toolbox Show T Shows the Toolbox flyout to add components to the current Breadboard
Undo Ctrl+Z Undo the previous edit operation
Zoom Origin O Reset the zoom to 1:1 and offset to 0,0 to restore Breadboard layout origin