Global Setting Options Dialog


The global settings effect are

  1. Display Connections Overlay
  2. Show Pro Toolbars
  3. Enable Spice Analog Evaluation ( experimental )

Display Connections Overlay

Default : ON

The connections overlay is a real-time static analysis and visualisation of the circuit showing the connections between components. This is useful while laying out circuits to ensure the connections are as expected. Also some types of circuit faults such as circuit-circuits can be detected and shown during layout as a warning. However with circuits with large numbers of connections updating the visualisation can cause lag which on some lower performance machines can be excessive. Toggling this setting to Off disables the overlay.


Show Pro Toolbars

Default : ON

The Pro Toolbars are a smaller toolbar that snaps to the top of the Breadboard DesignSheet. The Pro Toolbars duplicate in a more accessible way the functionality of the side-bar tools which have larger App-Buttons more suitable for touch. VBB App is designed to be touch friendly and the Pro Toolbars are too small to be easily used by touch so are best used when working with the mouse. To maximise the screen available for the Breadboard design you can optionally hide the Pro Tools by toggling this setting to Off.


Enable Spice Analog Evaluation ( experimental )

Default : OFF

VBB in introducing an enhanced circuit evaluation engine base on SPICE to better support analog circuit evaluation which has traditionally been not part of the VBB runtime. It’s an experimental integration but works quite well already for the basic’s. Only DC static analysis of basic circuits that include Voltage Sources, Resistors, Diodes, Switches and some L.E.D’s is currently supported but already this is useful for voltage dividers, pullup, pulldown, series LED and other circuits that VBB handles only as special cases in the current evaluation engine. Not all components are modelled to be compatible with SPICE so not all circuits evaluate correctly when using SPICE. To enabled SPICE for your circuit toggle this setting to ON.

The AnalogSpice examples contains a collection of examples that work with the SpiceModel