Breadboard Design Sheet

The Breadboard is the primary Design Sheet in VBB and consists of a collection of components wired together to create a circuit.

  1. App Bar : Tools for editing Breadboard designs suitable for TouchScreen
  2. Pro-Toolbar : Tools for editing Breadboard designs suitable for mouse pointer
  3. Design Sheet : Graphics view containing the component models

App Bar

The AppBar is a Touch-centric collection of flyout toolbars containing tools for editing Breadboard designs.

Button Flyout ShortCut Key Description
../../_images/UI-Mode.png UI Mode C,V,X,J,L Tap to access UI Mode flyout
../../_images/Toolbox.png Toolbox T Tap to open Toolbox flyout
../../_images/Properties.png Properties P Tap to open Properties flyout
../../_images/Nets.png Nets   Tap to open Nets flyout
../../_images/Zoom.png Zoom +,-,O Tap to open Zoom flyout
../../_images/Selected.png Selected SPACE,S Tap to open Selected flyout
../../_images/LinkColor.png Link Color   Tap to open Links flyout