VBBMicro - UNO

VBBMicro with Arduino UNO host.

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The VBBMicro is a family of multi-purpose multi-core microcontrollers that integrate with VBB to perform a variety of simulation and Edge functions


The VBBMicro-47K42A328P is a 28-Pin DIP ATMega328P pin-comptabile micro-controller with special support for Arduino. It has a Microhip ATMega328P onboard which is the same device as used by the Arduino UNO R3. It also has a Microhip PIC18F47K42 device which is supported by the VBB embedded java runtime to support various Edge tasks.

The VBB App and AVR App properties together determine the mode of behaviour:

Virtual Only ( No Device Required ):

VBB App AVR App Mode Description
Sleep IDE Mon Load the Arduino IDE HEX into a virtual ATMega328P and simulate the virtual-AVR with virtual-IO
Java Sleep Load VBB Java Bytecode into a virtual JVM and simulate the virtual-AVR with virtual-IO

Combined with a Real VBBMicro-47K42A328P:

VBB App AVR App Mode Description
Mix Mix IDE Mon Load the Arduino IDE HEX into a real ATMega328P and mix the real-AVR with with virtual-IO and real-IO
Mix IDE Mon Load the Arduino IDE HEX into a virtual ATMega328P and mix the virtual-AVR with virtual-IO and real-IO

> RoadMap : Document and verify additioanl configurations.


Yes. Mixed Mode.




Pin Name Description
1 0->RX(In) Digital 0 and Hardware UART RX pin
2 1<-TX(In) Digital 1 and Hardware UART TX pin
3 2 Digital 2
4 3~ Digital 3 with PWM output
5 4 Digital 4
6 5~ Digital 5 with PWM output
7 6~ Digital 6 with PWM output
8 7 Digital 7
9 8 Digital 8
10 9~ Digital 9 with PWM output
11 10 Digital 10 with PWM output
12 11 Digital 11 with PWM output
13 12 Digital 12
14 13 Digital 13
15 A0 Analog 0
16 A1 Analog 1
17 A2 Analog 2
18 A3 Analog 3
19 A4 Analog 4
20 A5 Analog 5


Property Default Description
AVR App Arduino IDE The source of the avr code to run in the ATMega328p
VBB App Sleep The source of the java code to run in the JVM
Connection Sleep The serial port to connect to the Arduino Host


The AVR App mode is selected using the AVR App Custom Editor


The VBB App mode is selected using a custom editor.


The COM port which is attached to a real Arduino UNO hosting a real VBBMicro-47K42A328P. This property dropdown list is populated by enumerating the supported devices list using the UWP generic USB driver. Windows Store App security requires that devices to be supported must be declared in the package using their USB VID:PID descriptors.

Currently Supported Arduino devices

  • Arduino UNO by Arduino.cc ( 2341:0043 )
  • Arduino UNO by Arduino.org ( 2A03 0043 )

Contact VirtualBreadboard support if you would like to request support for other compatible devices to be added to the next release.

>FTDI devices are not supported by the UWP generic device driver. Only USB emulated serial port firmware can be supported.



Add deployment details to deploy to the real device