Component Properties

Component Properties

Virtual Breadboard (VBB) applications are collections of components wired together to create models of real electronic circuits. Components have properties which can change the way they look or behave. For example you can change the color of a L.E.D by changing it’s LED color property.

Select Mode Toolbar

Before you can change a components properties you need to first select it. There are different editing mode in VBB. Select mode is used when you want to select a component to change it’s properties. When in select mode the cursor will appear as a regular arrow.

Award : Enter Select mode by first showing the Edit Mode Toolbar and then clicking the Select Button. The Edit Mode will change to Select and become momentarily highlighted to notify the change.


Note : You only need to select the mode once until you need to use a different mode. Other modes such a move, link, junction will be unlocked in future training sessions.

Select Component

Once in select mode you can select components by clicking on them.

Award : Select a L.E.D by clicking on it in select mode. A selected box will appear outlining the selected component


Change Property Value

../../../_images/Properties.PNG When a component is selected pressing the Properties Toolbar icon will show the Properties Editor dialog where you can change property values.

Award: Press the Properties button to show the property editor and change the color of the selected LED by selecting a new color from the dropdown list.


Select a Group of Components

You can select more than one component at a time by dragging a selection window around the components to select.

Award : Select all the L.E.D’s by dragging a selection window completely around the LED’s ../../../_images/SelectGroup.gif

Note: The window must enclose the outer border boundary of each of the components. The outer boundary can be larger than is immediately visible due to hidden visual components. You can see the size of the outer boundary by the selection box shown when selecting the component individually.

Change Group Property Values

When there is more than one component shown the properties that are common to all the components are shown in the properties editor. Changing a property changes the value for all components group.

Award : Change the color of all the selected LED’s by clicking the Properties button to show the shared LED property and selecting a new color from the dropdown list.