Adding a Netlist

Nets components are dedicated net labels which can help make a layout readable. All components also have a netlist property which is a comma separated list of nets which maps to the pin number the component. eg Pin1,Pin2,..PinN

Excercise: Select the DIP component and confirm it’s netlist show A,B,C


Showing Hidden Nets

The Net Label component is a distinct component which gives a visual clue as to the connections in the layout. When components have Net’s defined by the netlist property it’s not always obvious that there are hidden connections. Using the Show Nets state button shows the hidden links that result from the netlist memberships.

Excercise: Select ‘Show Nets’ to show the hidden nets in the circuit


Edit netlist property

The netlist property is available in all components. It can be edited directly in the netlist property where each label of the comma separated list maps to each pin in sequence.

Note: If a Pin has no named net leave it blank in the list. If Pin 1 maps to A and Pin 3 maps to B then the netlist is A,,B

Award: Edit the netlist of the right LED component setting it to A,B,C to match the DIP netlist


Exercise : Power Up and verify