Junction Mode

Links are drawn between component pins. However there is often the need to link multiple pins together on the same wire. You can draw multiple individual wires from pin to pin but you can also use junctions to simplify circuit layout and make it easier to understand what the connections are.

Award: Select Junction Mode from Layout Mode Toolbar


Place Junctions

When in Junction Mode the cursor changes to a cross-hair and when the cursor is pressed a junction is placed at the cursor location. Junctions should be placed at the end point of a wire and a wire segment. This joins all the wires into a single wire.

Award: Place a junction at each of the 3 wire-t-junctions


Exercise : Power Up and Verify

When correctly placed the wire becomes a single wire leading from the DIP power source to the LED lights. All the LEDS should light up when the LED is in the ‘on’ position.