Design Sheets

Design Sheets

Virtual Breadboard (VBB) Projects are collections of Design Sheets saved in a Project folder.

There are several types of Design Sheet

  • Project Info shhet (this sheet) available in all projects with project docs and reference information
  • Breadboard Sheets which contain the circuit layouts
  • Java Editor which contains java source code to execute in the DUO microcontrollers
  • TLC Editor for Touch Logic Controller visual programming for the DUO microcontrollers

Adding a Design Sheet

Design Sheets are added to projects using the Add New button to show the Design Sheets toolbar and then selecting the

Award: Add a new Breadboard to this project


Viewing a Design Sheet

In order to view a design sheet it needs to be dragged into a view panel.

Award: Drag the new Breadboard design sheet into the empty view panel


Changing the View

There are different view configurations which can be used to arrange the design sheets in your view according to the task you are working on.

Award: Change the Configuration to increase the relative size of Breadboard panel and drag the Breadboard into it to view it


Deleting a Design Sheet

Design Sheets are deleted by dragging them into Delete rubbish bin in the bottom right of the App

Award: Delete the Breadboard Design Sheet