Cloning Projects

Clone a Project

In Virtual Breadboard the Training and Example projects are shipped with the App and changes cannot be permanently saved. In this way the examples are always the same serving as a constant reference.

When you want to use a specific example as a starting point for a project of your own you can ‘fork’ the project to clone it onto your file system. The project can then be edited and changes can be saved permanently.

Note: Forking also works for projects already in your file system.

To fork a project

  • Click the Fork Button from the Project Options
  • With the Folder Picker create a new empty folder in your preferred location
  • Select the newly created folder in the Folder Picker and click Open

Award : Fork this project to your file system


Verify Cloned Project

Once the project is cloned the old project will be closed and the new project opened. You can verify this by inspecting the project location in the title bar