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Latest News

10 July 2014

Blog Report, Fritzing importer and more

For the upcoming release I have been working on updating the graphic engine. VBB graphics have always used a custom SVG engine with additional support for animation but the limited SVG subset support has excluded the use of Illustrator SVG output until now. This work is needed to enhance the CDK to use SVG clipart as part of a new focus on Animatronics. Stay tuned for more on that.. your going to love it.


Fritzing also uses Illustrator so a side benefit is been to create an importer which enables .fzp components to be dragged and dropped in VBB. Fritzing components are also a type of clip-art and so don't emulate but do support support rich circuit documentation plus can be used alongside function blocks and included in jarvis circuit snippets. They also support creating PCB's for the upcoming (and long promised) VBBExpress PCB service featuring next day shipping at ridiculously low prices so a handy additional all-round. Check out the Fritzing importer in action!  



7 July 2014

Fritzing Library Importer nearly ready!

I have been working the last few weeks on enhancing the underlying SVG engine in VirtualBreadboard to support the SVG patterns used by Illustrator and Inkskape. As it turns out Fritzing also uses these formats so now I am working on creating an importer for the Fritzing part library. This will greatly expand the number of parts available for your designs in VBB. More soon...


25 June 2014

VBB Version 5.04 available now!


  • Added Distance Sensor Group with
    • Sharp Distance Sensor
    • Ping))) Distance Sensor
  • Added Import Netlist function
  • Enabled create path in Breadboard for including shapes for documentation


more ...

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