For fans of the Arduino, VBB4Arduino is an ideal way to get started learning about physical computing.

VBB4Arduino is a simplified stand-alone student edition of VBB Classic and includes the essential components needed to perform countless starter Arduino experiments.

You can editing and run Java Syntax based Arduino programs using the code emulator or work with the Arduino IDE and execute the binary output on the AVR instruction set simulator. Both have pro's and con's but with VBB4Arduino you get the best of both worlds.
VBB 'Classic'
Getting down to the lowest level and understanding microcontroller code from the instruction set level is the origins of the Virtual Breadboard family

You can edit, compile and debug Microchip PicMicro's from the PIC12/16/18 family or execute the binary output of the Arduino IDE using the AVR module.

Other modules include serial for connecting up serial communications to the output of your devices, a component development kit for creating new user IO and more..
Feature VBB4Arduino VBB Classic
Windows Version All Windows All Windows
Application Domain Mid Level Low Level
Programming Language Not-Quite-Java / C Assembly
Extensible No - Stand Alone Application Yes - VBB Market Place Modules
Arduino Em + Arduino Toolkit
Arduino Sim + AVR Module
Atmel AVR 328 + AVR Module
PICMICRO + PIC12/16/18
Arduino IDE Support + AVR Module
Low Level Language Debugging + PIC12/16/18
High Level Language Debugging + Arduino Toolkit
Device Programming + Arduino Toolkit
Arduino .INO Importer
- Arduino Java syntax only
+ Arduino Toolkit
Arduino .INO Exporter
- Arduino Java syntax only
+ Arduino Toolkit
Educational Discount for Individual students and educators This is the educational price No
Educational Discount for Institutions 70% effective discount for Lab License 70% discount is available for Site license
Price $19 Personal
$199 Lab license
$39 Arduino Toolkit
$39 PIC12/16/18
$39 AVR Module.
Check MarketPlace for more
Installs per license 3 3
Requires Full Internet Access Yes Yes